What’s in store for The SP Project in 2022

This year is going to be a big year for The Santtu Pesonen Project, for the project is celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 24th. I’ve been planning a little something for the occasion, and if you’ve followed The Santtu Pesonen Project at all, you may have seen me mentioning something of the sort on social media.

I still won’t be revealing any exact details about what I have planned, but what I can say for the time being is that it involves a revisit of some of my older material under the moniker.

I kind of did just reveal some details, didn’t I? Oops. Well, anyway.

In addition, I was recently hit with a spike of musical inspiration and started writing The Project’s 11th album. The album is already in production as well, in fact. I launched a music video – my first since 2013 – for one of the songs to be featured on the album, titled “Syringe”, earlier this week. You can watch the music video here:

I’m unsure as to how many tracks the new album is ultimately going to feature, but 3 others are currently finished next to “Syringe” production-wise and 2 more are being written. I am, however, aiming for 8 or 9 tracks.

So, with all that said, this year may be the first since 2015 where The Santtu Pesonen Project will release more than one new album. Although one of them won’t so much be new material as it’ll be older songs revisited. Further details about both albums will be revealed in the coming months.

Stay tuned, and have a good day.

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