I’m done with Gallery of Harmonies.

If you’ve followed my musical misadventures for at least a few years, chances are you’re familiar with the Gallery of Harmonies compilation album series that I produce under the MFG38 moniker. Well, today, I bring to you news regarding that series. Said news being that I’ve decided to discontinue it.

The reason for my decision to discontinue Gallery of Harmonies is pretty simple: I want to start producing and releasing more thematically consistent albums under the MFG38 name. The only such album I’ve released under the name (next to my soundtracks) is 2017’s Cyberphobia, and that thematic consistency is one of the reasons I still hold it as one of my personal favorite MFG38 releases. And I want to start doing that more – dedicating an entire project to exploring a specific genre and/or theme.

None of this is to say that I’m not proud of the Gallery of Harmonies compilations – quite the opposite. If anything, the tunes from the last two, Vol. 5 and Vol. 6, are some of my personal favorite MFG38 tunes. But being compilation albums of tunes I made over the course of any given year(s), they do lack that thematic consistency that I enjoy and incorporate in my other musical projects. Hence my decision to discontinue the series.

I already have a kindling of a plan for a new MFG38 album that will be focused on exploring a single musical genre and what I can come up with within its confines – more information on that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Obviously, nothing is going to happen to the existing Gallery of Harmonies albums following this update – they’ll still be listenable and downloadable (or purchasable) on MFG38’s Bandcamp page. But from here on out, there will be no new Gallery of Harmonies albums.

Thanks for reading – if you did – and stay tuned for more focused MFG38 album projects down the line.

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