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So, I’m happy to announce that the website rebranding is now complete. Allow me to introduce!

What exactly happened over here, you may ask? Which is a completely fair question if you’re only now visiting this site for the first time. Well, this site used to have multiple purposes – in addition to my music, I used it to promote several creative ventures of mine not related to music. But recently, I decided to rebrand the site, shifting its focus entirely on my musical ventures.

What the rebranding process entailed was basically a lot of cleanup, rewriting and redesigning. I deleted almost all blog posts from the past ~6 years – barring the few you may or may not see that I decided to keep – rewrote the “About Me” page (now titled “Biography”) and made a bunch of new pages related to each part of my musical identity.

The old pages from when the site wasn’t fully focused on my music do still exist, only they’re “hidden” and not accessible from the menu. That said, those pages will be disappearing in the next few weeks – I’m only keeping them around for the time being while I migrate them over to my other new site over at, which will be dedicated to my non-music-related stuff.

One more thing I should mention is that while the focus of this site will be on myself as a musician from here on out, that won’t be the case for the annual Top 10s, which I will continue writing. I may still mention the occasional video game or non-music-related venture of mine in them.

That concludes today’s update. Thanks for dropping by!

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