Satanic Gameshow Deluxe

Satanic Gameshow Deluxe (sgd_*.pk3)

Year: 2019
IWAD: any Doom IWAD
Source port: GZDoom
Game mode(s): N/A

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Google Drive folder

Satanic Gameshow Deluxe is my first gameplay mod for Doom. Well, first counting out MFG38’s Doom Weapon Mini-Mod. The mod’s core feature set consists of a completely new weapon arsenal, a feat-based weapon upgrade system and finishers á la Wrack.

I’m surprisingly hard-pressed to say much else about the mod. I feel that it best describes itself through first-hand experience. So go ahead and click either of the links above. Or don’t. I mean I can’t tell you what to do.

In addition to the normal version, there’s also a Lite version of the mod that’s stripped of all minor tweaks, leaving only the mod’s fundamental core feature set. That is, the custom weapons, the finishers, the upgrade system and some powerups have been kept intact, but enemy behavior has been left unchanged among other things.